The Life and Times of Frederick the Great

Welcome to my podcast! This podcast takes the deepest dive that any podcast has ever done when it comes to a chronological series of Frederick the Great. Each episode is weekly and about 20 minutes. I intend to present history that has both academic content and a light tone. Email is Patreon is

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Tuesday Aug 24, 2021

When Frederick the Great was 10 years old, it was believed that King Frederick Wilhelm would die. So Frederick Wilhelm wrote a political testament as instructions to his son when he would rule.  Email for questions:

Friday Aug 13, 2021

This episode is a really sad one so hold onto your hats. It's about the escape attempt of Crown Prince Frederick and the Double Marriage. Patreon: Email for questions:

Friday Aug 06, 2021

This episode is about Frederick the Great's upbringing and its consequences. Patreon: Email for questions:  

Friday Jul 23, 2021

Link to The History of Russia's podcast: Patreon: Email for questions:  

Friday Jul 09, 2021

This episode is about the rise of Frederick Wilhelm's army Check out the Thirty years war podcast: Patreon: Email:

Wednesday Jun 30, 2021

We talk about the explosion of the Swedish Empire, the rise of Russia, and more on today's podcast. Patreon: email:  

Tuesday Jun 22, 2021

Listen to Euripides Eumenides: Patreon: email:

Thursday Jun 17, 2021

Today's subject is the creation of the Kingdom in Prussia. The Red Eagle of Brandenburg has now been replaced by the Black Eagle of Prussia. Email for questions: Patreon:  

Thursday Jun 10, 2021

Today we talk about Louis XIV's rise to be the continental superpower in Europe and how this would eventually affect Frederick the Great. Email for questions: Patreon:  

Thursday May 27, 2021

Today's topic is about the second half of Frederick Wilhelm's reign as well as the famed battle of Fehrbellin. For questions email is: Patreon:    

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